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A New Website and so it begins...

I am pretty excited about this new website and I just pray that I can learn to navigate it in a good way. So onward!

First, I would like to send my loving gratitude to my dear relative Rob Greenfield and his highly tech savvy friend, Kai LoMuscio who created this site. A warm hug and big thank you also goes out also Elissa Tivona, the Communications Specialist for Tiyospaye Winyan Maka who worked tirelessly with Kai about format and other such things that I hardly understand, but I hope to make progress in this area.

Next I am going to attempt to post here several of the actions I am or have been involved with in the last several years and I will try to post links. The first link will be thought provoking and hopefully steer you in the direction of doing some research into the history of the Indigenous People's of Turtle Island.

Here you go! Please let me know what you think and how it makes you feel. Mitakuye Oyasin!!

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