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Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, has a strategic vision to address the multitude of issues facing the Lakota and other Indigenous people by merging traditional wisdom and values with contemporary regenerative practices, particularly in the building trade.

To do our work effectively we raise awareness that there are beautiful, strong people with a proud history who now live in third world conditions throughout one of the richest nation on Earth. There are many people who are suffering; however, our focus is currently the Lakota (Sioux) tribes living in Lakota Territory in South Dakota.


Teams of International and domestic volunteers participate in regularly scheduled work camps across Pine Ridge Reservation and elsewhere.  

Volunteers also help out with annual Tiyospaye Winyan Maka Events and Programs in Northern Colorado.  Don't miss this opportunity to become part of the re-emergence of Indigenous life ways across Turtle Island.  Join the movement by signing up.

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Tel: 970-290-0353

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